Too fast equals superficial?

It is very difficult to summarize more than thirty years of my work, carried out with care and passion. It is not just a matter of making a selection from thousands and thousands of files, each with its own specific history, but doing it so that the result of the selection can refer to our times, which are fast, synthetic, almost schizophrenic.
In the time we are living, it is more important to “show” rather than “be”. Times in which it is much more important what you can show, compared to what you are capable of doing.
And you only have seven seconds, if you’re lucky, to establish a relationship.
I’m not complaining, these are our times. But I live “my” time with the knowledge that there are words that must be read, images that must be looked at, sounds that must be heard.
As long as necessary.
No one ever stops learning. The time taken for what one does is probably what establishes how much, and how, one learns.

The advancing new

I’ve always been open to change, to innovation, to experimentation. For example, I was one of the first in my city to embrace the digital cause in graphic design, in the distant 1990. And certainly I will not be the last to recognize, in the field of communication in general and in visual communication in particular, the “advancing new”.
But does the advancing new exist?

What to look for in these pages

I love my job and try to do it in the best way. Here’s what these pages try to show. If this doesn’t come out immediately, please stop reading – more or less – on the sixth or seventh page. I would be equally grateful to you.

Have a good browsing.
Vincenzo Corona